Quite Simply…1/6/16

Little Log CabinThe obvious answer is that the best things of life are not to be bought with money; it would be nearer the truth to quote the prophetic paradox, they are bought ‘without money and without price.’ – Dawson, William J., The Quest of the Simple Life, pg. 13

With this new segment, I would like to highlight important quotes from material that has had an affect upon me. Sometimes I will include further thoughts, while other times I will let them stand on their own.

I chose this quote from William Dawson for a reason. This book is a wonderful read and I would love to share it with a broader circle. Accordingly, I would like to gauge interest in conducting a book study of “The Quest for the Simple Life” among my readers. It is a good place to start for such a venture as the work is not particularly lengthy or an arduous read, but it also deals with the topic of responsible living rather broadly, thus allowing for many facets of application.

I envision posting twice a month regarding selected readings and including follow-up questions. Then, utilizing Google Hangout or Skype, we could gather for monthly or bi-monthly discussions. The goal for this whole endeavor is to 1) Explore the topic of simple living through a first hand account, 2) Evaluate in what ways we can simplify our lives, 3) Encourage and support others seeking to simplify.

If you would be interested in participating in a monthly/bi-monthly discussion, comment below. Once I have interest, I will publish a schedule. For now, I highly encourage you to acquire a copy for yourself (Free for Kindle or $8 for Paperback).

From the Desk,

Mr. Bluebaugh

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