A Month of Delays

A helpful and spot on summary of this project I gleaned from Pinterest.
A helpful and spot on summary of this project I gleaned from Pinterest.

December was a month of many delays. With the hectic nature of this time of year, progress has been stalled far more than I had hoped it to be. I understand that it has been hard for sign ups to take place as parents and students both have been extremely busy. The weather also has not been our ally as the cold temperatures set in for the winter. However, it has been a great blessing that there has not been much snow fall yet this month! I am still ever more determined to make as much progress as possible before the spring.

However, due to the difficulty of getting sign ups, I have realized that perhaps our sampling of the student body may not be able to bear the full weight  of the tiny house project. It has become necessary to seek help from the rest of the student body. Prior to Christmas Break, I sent out a letter to high school students and parents  asking for any who would be willing to volunteer with the tiny house project; responses are beginning to trickle in.

Of course, building a house cannot come free of its mishaps! Progress of the tiny house has been long and difficult. The Friday before Christmas break was the date set for putting the ridge beam in place. However, I ended up working by myself that morning and afternoon due to lack of sign ups; a perennial challenge. Only the week before break, we received more lumber in order to fix a wall that revealed a fault in the blueprint. Let us hope that we can avoid such setbacks in the future.

As of now, the finished walls and loft are ready to receive the roof. There is still yet much to be done, but I remain hopeful, especially since our winter has not been as hard as originally predicted.

Not all has been negative. Teaching the students how to use the power tools and pneumatic nailer has been a humorous adventure for not only myself, but also for them. Some of them started timidly and grew in confidence, while others did not hesitate in finding the most awkward manner in which to use the tools given them. In the midst of all the stress, I appreciate my students’ willingness to work and learn and the manner in which they bring humor and fun to any task!

170,000+ sq. ft. of house!
170,000+ sq. ft. of house!

During Christmas break, I had the chance to visit Biltmore house in Ashville, North Carolina. While there, I spent much time thinking of our tiny house project and how it starkly contrasts with the 4-acre Biltmore house. I hope to write a separate post on the subject.

I thank all who have been a great encouragement in this time and for all of the work that they have put into this project. The Lord has been gracious and providing. Though there have been many times and instances where stress has had the opportunity of overtaking me, but I have rested in the Lord’s timing, as he has always proved Himself a Father to His people. Once again, I believe that this project will be finished in time. I only think that the manner in which it is finished may be different from that of what we all expected.

I am still in the process of keeping records of our progress, and I am still endeavoring to write a book when all is finished. I am looking forward to that new adventure!

From the desk on behalf of Mr. Bluebaugh

Ms. De Jong