What is to Come

The last two weeks have been busy as I enroll for three MA classes, begin prep work for those classes, and start training for my new job. As I begin my three-week intensive class schedule on Monday, there will be a lot of papers to write (13 to be exact) and not a lot of time to write fresh material for this blog. However, to keep things moving I will post my papers, since they are all education related, in order that you can read what I am currently learning and working on.

Here is a preview of the types of materials that will soon be making their way here: Reflective Paper on the Christian Mind, Reflective Paper on ‘Who is Man’, Philosophy of Life and Education, Action Research Project, Hypothetical Research Proposal, and an Educational Literature Review.

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Until then,

Mr. Bluebaugh


Welcome to Mr. Bluebaugh’s Desk!

Detail of a desk after studying.
Detail of a desk after studying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easy, pleasant work does not make robust minds, does not give men a consciousness of their powers, does not train them to endurance, to perseverance, to steady force of will, that force without which all other acquisitions avail nothing.

– William Ellery Channing

When I began substitute teaching in 2011, I did not imagine that 9 months later I would be employed full-time in education. When I first signed up for substitute teaching, having failed to find a full-time job straight out of college and having exhausted my contacts, I was at the end of my rope. Through the advice of my best friend, I signed up. It did not take long for me to realize that I had found my calling. Being in the classroom came natural and seemed as though I had taught many years before. Further, interacting with the students and aiding them in their learning was most rewarding and left me inspired and excited to have a classroom of my own someday.

I would sub for any class they would give me: History, English, Math, Science, Art, and even Spanish (even though I do not speak Spanish). Whenever I was the sub, I always had trivia questions pertaining to the subject at hand. Due to my flexibility in teaching and bank of ‘random’ knowledge, to the students I seemed to know everything. I attribute this not to any inherent wealth of knowledge, but to the cultivated desire to continue growing in knowledge.

I believe it is important for every person to continue learning throughout their life. It is easy to let our minds stop growing after our high school, college, or even post-graduate courses. It is a shame that with such a wealth of knowledge in this world that we would simply stop our pursuit of knowledge at some degree. I believe three things about the constant pursuit of knowledge: 1) You establish your credibility and ‘accredit’ yourself, 2) You keep your mind sharp and involved, and finally 3) You remain current in your field of study or societies debates.

Through this blog it is my goal to share with you what I am currently studying and share with you aids and challenges to keep expanding your horizons of knowledge. I hope to rub off on you and inspire to you continue to learn. Further, being new to the field of education, this blog will serve as a chronicle for my experiences and lessons.

So, welcome to Mr. Bluebaugh’s Desk!

Mr. Bluebaugh